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For someone making use of a generic software products, what are the implications of this choice?

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Generic software products by implication are non-specific. This means that the specifications of a generic software is not made available for the end-user of the software product. Custom software development on the other-hand requires that the end-user (customer) provides a specification upon which the software is developed. 

The implication of this is that the end-user of a custom developed software has more control over the evolution of the software than an end-user of a generic software. Looking at this from a business perspective; in an industry that is fast changing, a custom software is more flexible since the end-user (customer) owns the specification and can negotiate any changes with the developer to accommodate new business rules. The evolution of a generic software can not be controlled easily by the end-user (customer) and in most cases limits the level of flexibility in the customer's business processes.

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