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What is pdc-dss? Explain in detail all controls! What is hipaa? Explain the controls what is glba? Research 2 cyber security breaches within the last 24 months and apply where each of the 2 of the over could have mitigated the breach if implemented correctly.

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Cyber Security Discussion

PDC-DSS is an acronym of primary domain controller and a decision support system. PDC is the preliminary domain. It is usually the first to be installed into a computer, before any other domain server is. A PDC validates users, as well as function or rather take up the role of a directory database.

On the other hand, DSS Is a networking and computerized range of systems preordained to collect and present an exact data originating from an extensive assortment of provided sources. A DSS is particularly familiar and mostly used by entrepreneurs and business minded persons. This is mainly because DSS applications come in handy, as they assist in the coming up of updated decisions, from a range of sources.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a security provision legislation which was enacted to protect medical information of the public. From a technical point of view, this legislation ensures that there is data privacy enabled by security provisions which work a long way in ensuring that medical data of patients is safeguarded. Taking a security measure in this sector of the economy would ensure that hackers have platforms on which charges can be mounted in their malicious activities.

Gram-Leach-Bliley Act is a legislation enacted in the financial sector of the American economy to explain a number transaction. From a keen perspective, this act is specific to financial institutions in the sense that firms are expected to give comprehensive explanations on their information sharing practices when it comes to their consumer?s data (White, 2013). The main point of concern in this at is to regulate situations in which financial institutions can relay their consumer?s data and when they are not expected to do so. This is especially because hackers tend to use banks and other institutions?? naivety to get credentials for hacking a financial account.

When it comes to cyber security, there have been recent activities which have compromised this aspect of technology in modern times. One such case involved an attempt where various individuals of foreign citizen status in Arizona when electoral systems? integrity was tested during the month of July. It was later alleged that it was Russian nationals who were testing a hacking attempt on an electoral system which was to be used in contradicting the November 8, 2016 elections. Putting the political aspect of aside, the technical attempt involved interfering with the numbers of votes within a particular state to suit the convenience of a certain candidate.

Another incident took place in the University of Central Florida which was publicized in February 8, 2016. Apparently, the university?s database had been hacked, a situation which affected students, staff faculty as well as the management of the institution. Apparently, the extent of the damage was not made known to the public but it was felt all over the university as even the old students. Registration of all students had to be done again for the institution to have its database intact and running again.

For the first case scenario, it would be difficult to stop such an attack especially when it comes from technology gurus from foreign countries. However, the legislation aspect of it can aid in the mitigation of such a scenario. If strict measure would be put in place for the system administrators, then rare cases of such nature would be avoided. For the second instance, the university?s system administrator failed to act cautiously as the perpetrators of the attack were most probably people within the university surrounding. Both moral and technical measures ought to have been adopted to evade the situation.

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