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Illustrates 5 Key trends that are fundamentally transforming IT leadership, each of these points are very salient. However, a great deal of dialogue is on-going among both IT professionals and C-Suites as to whether these 5 points are the only trends transforming IT leadership.

Which of these 5 text book trends you deem very influential, followed by any other trends you witness to have a great impact upon transforming IT leadership? Why?

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Before giving my position in regard to the five (5) key trends that are significantly transforming IT leadership, I think it is good we examine the five trends as stipulated by Muller (2015). The first trend is ?Today.? This trend is evident in the fact that today every individual has a cell phone. The cell phone acts as a mini desktop in people?s pockets making mobility the first critical trend (Muller, 2015, pp 178). ?Cloud Computing? is the second trend. As we talk, the cloud is used everywhere. ?Data? is the third trend. Although over the years, we have been using structured data, unstructured data has now become increasingly essential in decision-making process particularly in the modern enterprises. ?The Internet? is the fourth trend. Research indicates that by the year 2020, over 26 billion devices will be connected. ?Personal & professional identities? is the fifth trend People?s identities are evolving. This poses great opportunities and huge challenges for CIOs and IT leaders (Muller, 2015, pp 178).

According to my opinion, ?The Internet? is one of the crucial trends among the five trends highlighted and discussed above. As stated by Sheila, by 2020, more than 26 billion devices will be connected. At the same time, sensors in devices and wearable devices will be available (Muller, 2015, pp 178). Obviously, the connection of the devices will require internet. The people using those devices across the world will also have to be connected via the internet. This is just but an overview of what the internet will in regard to IT leadership in the coming years.

By the way, most of the inventions in IT today have been as a result of the presence of the Internet. People now have access to a broad variety of information not only in numerous websites but also in social networks. Therefore, it is right for me to say that the data contained on the internet influences all the other trends. For instance, humans personal and professional identities are significantly influenced by the information sourced or access from the internet.

As stated by Muller (2015), I expect the internet of things to create radical changes for information technology, especially in the enterprise. Also, the Industrial Internet which is an emerging IT concept will drive innovation success in IT as enterprise continues to adopt it.

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