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To illustrate the different types of adaptor needed to support sequential composition, hierarchical compostition and additive composition:

1. In sequential composition, Component C is created by composing A and B in sequence i.e. A; B. For example, in an object oriented system, the code of C would be implemented as a call to method A in object class X followed by a call to method B in object class Y.

2. In hierarchical composition, Component C is created from Component A calling component B. In an object oriented program, component C could be a method that calls a method X.A. Within X.B, there is a call to Y.B.

3. In additive composition, Component C is created by integrating the interfaces of component A and component B to create the interface of component C. In an object oriented program, this would be implemented by creating a new class C, which includes the interfaces of classes A and B.

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