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Assume you work for an organization that develops database products for individuals and small businesses. This organization is interested in quantifying its software development. Write a report suggesting appropriate metrics and suggest how these can be collected.

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The organisation is interested in quantifying its software development so may collect metrics about its products and about its processes. The type of software which is developed is important as the metrics should take into account its characteristics. 

In this case, the company is developing database products for microcomputers so: 

• As they are shrink-wrapped products, they will run on many different system configurations. Configuration dependent problems may occur. It is important that the system should not hang the machine on which it is running. 

• As they are database products, it is important that the system does not corrupt the database 

Product metrics 

1. Product metrics should be used to judge the quality and efficiency of the software. 

2. Total number of measured faults detected by testing 

3. Total number of faults which resulted in database corruption 

4. Total number of system failures which forced a system restart 

5. Number of database transactions processed per unit time. 

6. Time to read/write large DB records.

Process metrics 

1. Number of different configurations used for system testing 

2. Number of fault reports submitted 

3. Average time required to clear fault after it is reported 

4. Time required to run system regression tests 

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