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Discuss some recovery site options?

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Site Recovery Options

The occurrence of a disaster may be said to be unavoidable circumstance. Normally, disasters do take different forms in local construction sites, making it more necessary to have more than one option of site recovery (Spitz et al. 2018). . The discussions hereunder present some of the options that may be very helpful in the site recovery process:

Option No. 1: Synchronous Replication

This option is also referred to as a real-time or live replication. In it, copies of the data and any other important information are created and stored somewhere out of the site (D'Ombraine, 2017). In the event of system failure, disaster or any other failure of the backup system of the site, this option will help in minimizing the loss of data absolutely. An organization?s site recovery ought to be diverse geographically from the main site.

Option No. 2 Asynchronous Replication

This replication can as well be referred to as an active/passive replication, or to some extent, it may be referred to as a warm site, meaning a strategy of disaster recovery in which near-all-time copies of the organization?s data are created and stored somewhere out of the site (D'Ombraine, 2017). This may take place either at the service provider?s data center or in another company altogether. In this regard, it ought to be noted that both asynchronous and synchronous strategies need a very robust architecture which may include a dependable linkage between the primary and secondary sites.

Option No. 3 Cloud Backup/Full System Recovery

With this site recovery strategy, data can be backed-up through a dedicated circuit or via the internet in order to secure the location. Features of this option may significantly vary.

Option No. 5 Local (Tape/Disk) Backup

This site recovery option starts with a tape backup. However, with the emergence of the new technologies, the traditional or old standby option has somehow been supplanted by more dependable site recovery options. The word ?somehow? comes in because it has been clearly demonstrated through various studies that almost 50 percent of small businesses or medium-sized business are still using tape as their major backup solution (Tender, 2016). Even though there might be some notable differences between tape and disk back-up solution methods, they can still be listed together due to the fact that they are both carried out locally without the involvement of a third party.

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