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Design a questionnaire to gather information about the user interface of some tool (such as a word processor) with which you are familiar. If possible, distribute this questionnaire to a number of users and try to evaluate the results. What do these tell you about the user interface design?

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I assume that the object of this exercise is to discover problems rather than objectively compare different systems. 

The questionnaire should include questions which cover: 

  • The experience of the word processor user. 
  • The types of documents he/she produces. Are these all text, include text and graphics, use mathematical symbols, etc. 
  • Whether the user is familiar with and uses other word processors. What they like/dislike about them. 
  • The principal problems perceived by the word processor user. 
  • What facilities they used most. What they felt about the way in which the menus (if any) were arranged. 
  • Where they felt that they made mistakes when using the system. 
  • Whether they used the mouse or the keyboard to issue commands. If they used keyboard shortcuts, which did they use? Did they have problems with these? 

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