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Professional Software Development

Professional software is not just the programs developed for a customer because the software is almost always packaged with associated documentation such as requirements, design models, and user manuals.

A good or professional software goes beyond software developed solely for a customer. It is usually composed of executable code coupled  with documentation and configuration  of data that is required to make these programs operate correctly. A professionally developed software system is often more than a single program. The system usually consists of a number of separate programs and configuration files that are used to set up these programs. It may include system documentation, which describes the structure of the system; user documentation, which explains how to use the system, and web sites for users to download recent product information. Example  a word processing system consist of executable program, user manual and the document such as requirements and the design needed to produce the executable program.

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The software systems which are developed for any specific user to simplify the specific business requirements are known as professional software.

These are not just simple programs. The points to show that professional software is not simple programs are as given below:

• Professional software has certain industrial standards which must be followed for their use and development.

• Professional software requires design document, support for user platform, instructor and user manuals. So, these are not simple programs.

• Updating and maintenance are also required in software. These tasks require proper documentation and team.

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