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The different types of stakeholder concern and the aspects supporting their implementation:

1. Functional concerns, which are related to the specific functionality to be included in a system. The base system should implement core functionality and extensions implemented as aspects that can implement secondary functionality.

2. Quality of service concern, which are related to non-functional behavior of the system. Aspects may be used to implement cross-cutting functionality, such as cache, which helps to meet these requirements.

3. Policy concerns, which are related to overall policies that govern the use of the system. These are inevitably cross-cutting. By representing cross0cutting concerns as aspects, theses concerns can be implemented.

4. System concerns, which are related to attributes of the system as a whole. Aspects may be used to implement monitoring that checks the system attributes.

5. Organizational concerns that are related to organizational goals and priorities. Aspects have limited usefulness in implementing this type of concern.

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