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Brainstorming session

Yes. Requirements elicitation is indeed a difficult process in requirements engineering. During requirements elicitation, it is important to follow some steps to minimize problems in the long run.

1. Brainstorm properly with the software development team:

This allows you to generate new ideas, and also to refine existing ones. During brainstorming sessions, team members will share ideas and give useful insights that would drive innovation in the software project.

2. Get Feedback Early

It is important to constantly make sure you're in agreement with the client. This can be done by constantly updating the client with new developments so as to get their feedback as early as possible. This saves time and money and increases customer satisfaction.

3. Develop Prototypes

Developing prototypes helps you to gather initial requirements which is then used to create the trial software (prototype). This give the client a clear picture of what the final product being developed will look like. It creates some form of clarity for both the developer and the client by making sure that both parties are in agreement with the requirements laid out.

4. Document Analysis

This is really important when there is a need to roll out a new feature or issue a change request.

Keep in mind that there are many more requirements elicitation techniques being used in software development other than the ones listed above. What ultimately determines the technique to be used is the nature of the software project being developed. The software engineers and business analysts must come together to decide on which requirements elicitation technique will deliver the best outcome for their software development project.

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