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Coronavirus statistics

Statistics is a field concerned mostly with how data is collected, structured, analysed, interpreted and presented. It is important to note that statistics is best suited for the use of data in the context of uncertainty.

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, statistics continues to play a major role in answering some of the key questions;

1. How long will this pandemic last?

2. When are we to expect a vaccine?

3. What age group is more at risk?

4. Are there any medications to avoid at this time of the pandemic?

5. What countries are at a higher risk?

6. What safety procedures should be normalized to prevent a pandemic of this nature in future?

and  many more...

Once a key question is identified, statistics can use datasets from other similar pandemics in the past to predict that of Covid-19. While it is impossible to obtain a perfect prediction in all areas, it is still possible to predict certain behaviors of the current pandemic using data analysed from the previous years' pandemic.

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