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Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric used to measure the complexity of a given software code. It is said to correlate strongly with a number of coding errors. You can visualize the cyclomatic complexity by developing a Control Flow Graph that measures the number of linearly independent paths through a program module.

Flow Graph Notation

How is the Cyclomatic Complexity Calculated?

The code complexity of a given software code is defined by the formula:

V(G)  = E - N + 2


E - Number of Edges

N - Number of Nodes

A software tool that will compute the cyclomatic complexity for any given C/C++ code? I found a tool online that does just that - Metrix++.

Metrix is a tool to collect and analyse code metrics. This software can parse C/C++, C# and Java source codes. Read the documentations and download from here -> https://metrixplusplus.github.io/home.html#overview_section

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