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The same approach to software engineering cannot be applied for each of the software categories. Certainly not. Here's why.

The seven software categories are as follows:

1. System Software

2. Application Software

3. Engineering/Scientific Software

4. Embedded Software

5. Product-line Software

6. Web/Mobile Applications

7. Artificial Intelligence Software

While the software categories above share some similarities in many aspects, their difference in scope and functionality also sets them all apart. This makes it difficult to submit that the same systematic approach to software development, operation and maintenance is applicable to each. 

It is important to note that each category of software falls into a type of software; be it new or legacy software. Newly developed software applications are more likely to be written to conform to modern languages, frameworks and technologies. The legacy systems on the other hand need to be updated if needed, adapted and enhanced to meet the present day's reality.

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Thanks it's awesome way to explain it.
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