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The answer is NO.

IQ Test:

Intelligence consists of the process of generating and applying the mechanisms to the accurate predictive models.

• In the World, the predictive models that are defined based on the perceptions, actions, and rewards.

• The IQ Test is used to determine the intelligence of the humans.

• It focuses more on state manipulation and pattern recognition that depends only on the particular subset.

• It involves many computational models related to the sequence of cognitive activities that are proposed in a particular point of time.

• The IQ Test work with the particular set of methodologies that are predefined of an intelligent outside of what it intelligent at doing in the matter of time.

Evan’s ANALOGY program:

Evan’s Analogy program is a program with a skill set based on the descriptions and the relationships in the sense to do the actions well.

• It is a program that is specialized only for IQ tests with the performance measure to be very good at one part of the test.

• This Analogy program is done by the humans, that are programmed to pass the test, whereas the actual person has no idea to do it?

• It can be done, like a program that will always score a 200 on that part of a standard IQ test.


No, there is no program more intelligent than a human because the creator of the program is a human.

• The ANALOGY program is just the indication of taking IQ tests very good and to score what it was meant to do.

• Always, comparing machines to a human will lead traits by the values.

• Most humans never learn this kind of measures on their head.

• In the end, one needs to be realized that they both are different entities.

The IQ Test scores only correlate specific measures, it doesn’t measure everything.

• Therefore, in order to have a good IQ for the program, the human should definitely have a better IQ than its creation.

• So, the human will surely have an upper hand on the program.

• The intelligence level of a human is embedded into devices like the computer.

• A human brain has worked it to make it faster.

What does it do to run?

• If a program scores 200 on the test, it is possible for a human to score 200 too.

• But remember, the program doesn’t learn on its own, how to behave smart, it is programmed.

• It is doing what the programmers are predefined into them.

• If some different test can be given to the same program, it wouldn’t do well.

That’s the case scenario .

Remember a quote that,

Computers cannot be intelligent, it is doing what the programmers are predefined into them


Hence, it is possible for the human to do an IQ Test to the extent of Evan’s ANALOGY program and can score 200 on a standard test.

Therefore, it is concluded that there is no program more intelligent than a human .

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