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The goal of the 21st century IDEA legislation is to enhance the digital services within the federal government. Accelerating the federal government's ability to improve digital service delivery and customer experience. The 21st IDEA will-

  • Decrease use of paper, and potentially decrease human error by digitizing processes.
  • Decrease federal costs, saving taxpayers money.
  • Transition from paper based forms to electronic transactions.
  • Enhance federal agency websites, making them mobile friendly, and establishing minimum standards.

Under this model, the signatory would acknowledge to the witness that they have signed a document (For example ,in writing ,by telephone or via a video link ) and the witness would then sign the document with their own electronic signature and include a statement that the signatory had acknowledged the signature.

Such a system, without an actual 'witness' to the signature ,would obviously have security concerns as without a way to identify the signatory, the authenticity of a signature could be questioned. Developments in cryptographic, blockchain and third party verification technology can be utilised to provide reassurance of the signatory's identity, recording the time ,data and IP address of the computer being used to create a 'digital signature'.

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