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Cryptography is the science of secret writing with the sole intention of keeping data secret.

Private Key

Private key, also known as secret key is essentially used for encryption and decryption. This key system symmetric. This means that the same key used for encryption is required for decryption by the other party. This makes the process faster than when a public key is involved. 

Public Key

Public keys are used along with a private key in nearly all cases. The public key is used to encrypt the plain text and convert it to cipher text, while the private key is used to decrypt the cipher text.

A more detailed comparison is shown in the table below.

1.Private key is faster than public key.It is slower than private key.
2.In this, the same key (secret key) and algorithm is used to encrypt and decrypt the message.In public key cryptography, two keys are used, one key is used for encryption and while the other is used for decryption.
3.In private key cryptography, the key is kept as a secret.In public key cryptography, one of the two keys is kept as a secret.
4.Private key is Symmetrical because there is only one key that is called secret key.Public key is Asymmetrical because there are two types of key: private and public key.
5.In this cryptography, sender and receiver need to share the same key.In this cryptography, sender and receiver does not need to share the same key.
6.In this cryptography, the key is private.In this cryptography, public key can be public and private key is private.

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