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Explain with the help of an example why 5 uninformed search is not appropriate to solve CSP?

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Uninformed search is not appropriate to solve CSPs(Constraint Search Problems)

This is because a CSP is defined by an assignment of a value. 

CSP as a search problem provides four main states:

1. Initial state

2. Successor function

3. Goal test

4. Path cost

Uniformed search does not have any additional information on the goal node other than the one provided in the problem definition.

Uninformed Search, a search algorithm, which is of a general purpose class, operates in brute force way. Uninformed Search Algorithm can only traverse a tree but does not contain any additional information about state or search space. So, it is called blind search.

Some common examples of uninformed search algorithms are as listed below:

1. Breadth first search(BFS)

2. Depth first search(DFS)

3. Depth limited search

4. Bidirectional search

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