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To list five application areas of robotic systems:

  1. Medicine and Pharmaceuticals: Robotic systems are being deployed in the medical field to automate the process of drug mass production and manufacturing. Robots makes manufacturing process fast and efficient.
  2. Automobiles and Assembly Plants: Robots are widely used in car manufacturing. At assembly plants, robots are efficient in putting together the various car parts and engines with very negligible error margins.
  3. Space Exploration: Robots are essential components of space ships. These space ships are well equipped with various robotic sensors to help direct the robotic systems in the space ships.
  4. Consumer Electronics: Most of the electronic gadgets have embedded in them various robotic systems that help direct motion through sensors. e.g. Toy cars are example of such consumer electronic gadgets with in-built robotic systems.
  5. Military Applications: Robots can be trained to assist soldiers on the battle field to fight wars. This approach reduces the number of humans required to be physically present at the battle ground thus minimising casualties.

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