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Incremental software development is the most effective approach for developing business software solutions, and is in fact a very effective software development model for customers who do not have a clear idea about the systems needed for their operations.

In the incremental model, software is built and tested incrementally, i.e. features are added after each test till the finished product is delivered to the customer's satisfaction. It combines features from the waterfall and prototyping model.

For a customer that does not have a clear system requirement at the start, developing incrementally is in fact the best approach as they get to see the features developed very early in the development cycle, review and make suggestions for further changes. Interacting with the initial prototypes or increments can give them ideas on the directions to take for their system.

With a proper communication, planning, modeling, construction and development strategies, this model will work well for the customer who does not have a clear idea on the systems needed for their operations.

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