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Five example of positive impact of software in our society today.

1. Software plays a major role in scientific experiments and studies. Software makes it easy to automate various computations that would have otherwise been very cumbersome to calculate manually by hand.

2. Software is used in educational field to simplify learning. Remote learning is also made possible through software applications.

3. Software is used in baking sector to maintain a robust database of transaction and also to ensure the integrity of the information stored.

4. Software is used to predict events. This is particularly useful in planning ahead for a possible natural disaster.

5. Software powers important embedded systems used on very critical systems like the airplane, medical equipment for surgical operations and many more.

Example of negative impact of software in our society.

1. Poorly written software can cause permanent and irreversible damage. E.g. a faulty medical equipment can lead to the death of a patient.

2. Software can potentially be used to perpetuate crime.

3. Expensive software creates digital divide on society

4. The software field changes very quickly, so it requires constant updates. This can quickly increase the overall cost of the system.

5. Software enables identity theft and data piracy.

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