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The definition of each of the given words is

Agent: An agent is something that acts. An agent acts on behalf of a person. It is an entity that acts in response to the environmental issues.

Agent function: Agent function is the action performed by an agent in response to the environmental issues.

Agent program: The agent program implements the agent function.

Rationality: Rationality is the property of an agent that chooses action to be performed.

Autonomy: Autonomy is a property of an agent being itself and making decisions of its own.

Reflex agent: A reflex agent is an agent which selects actions on the basis of current percept.

Model-based agent: An agent that uses the model of the world is called as a model-based agent. The knowledge about “how the world works” is called a model of the world.

Goal-based agent: Goal-based agents are model-based agents which sorts goal information that describes situations.

Utility-based agent: This is an agent that uses an explicit utility function that maximizes the expected utility.

Learning agent: This is an agent that improves its behavior based on its experiences and learning.

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