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The three generations of DBMS are as follows:


• The first generation of DBMS is the hierarchal network or CODASYL model.

• The hierarchal network was developed by the Information Management System.

• The CODASYL model was developed by the Integrated Data Store.

• CODASYL is a group of people who are responsible for standardizing the COBAL.

• Searching is not possible in CODASYL which is the major drawback.


• The second generation of DBMS is the relational model.

• Representation of data in the form of tables is known as relational data model.

• A table is generally a combination of rows and columns.

• Columns can be called as attributes and rows can be called as records.

• In a relational data model the schema for a relation specifies its name, the name of each field and also the type of each field.


• The third generation of DBMS is the object relational DBMS model and the object-oriented DBMS.

• This ORDBMS adds a new object storage capability to the relational system at the core of modern information systems.

• Here, the objects as well as the classes are directly supported by the database schemas.

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