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Communication session:

• A communication session is an information interchange, which takes place interactively between two devices participating in the communication session.

• A session between the two communicating devices, or between a computer and the user.

In the context of Networking, the communicating devices are user and server.

• In all communication sessions, there is a client side and a server side.

• The user sends requests and acts as a client.

• The computer processes the user requests and generates the responses and acts as a server.

• In a P2P file sharing, there occurs a server as well as client. The peer or the computer receiving the file is called as a client and the peer or the computer sending the file is called as a server.

• Thus, there is an approach of client and server sides of a communication session in P2P communication.

Therefore, the statement that says that “There is no notion of client and server sides of a communication session in P2P file sharing” is False.

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