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Recall that TCP can be enhanced with SSL to provide process-to-process security services, including encryption. Does SSL operate at the transport layer or the application layer? If the application developer wants TCP to be enhanced with SSL, what does the developer have to do?

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Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ):

The Secure Socket Layer is a security technology.

• It establishes an encrypted link between a server and a client.

• It is a security protocol that determines the variables of encryption for the data that is transmitting over a link.

• It also determines the variables of encryption for the link.

SSL encryption:

• SSL operates at the application layer.

• The SSL is operated at the application layer to provide the security and hide data in the application by encrypting the data.

• The unencrypted data present in the Application layer is taken by the SSL socket.

• The data is encrypted and then passed to the TCP socket.

• When the application developer requires TCP to be enhanced with SSL, the application should include the SSL code.

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