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The MAC sublayer is the second sublayer of the Data Link Layer (DLL) of the Open Standard Interconnection (OSI) model.

• Data is encapsulated from the Logical Link Control (LLC) first sublayer of the Data Link Layer (DLL) with 46 bytes minimum and 1500 bytes maximum.

MAC sublayer receives 1520 bytes of data from the upper layer LLC and the first frame contains maximum size of data is 1500 bytes.

Suppose that remaining data size is denoted by R.

Therefore, the remaining data size will be:

The second frame contains minimum size of 46 bytes and remaining data size is 10 bytes then this packet add padding to that data to make it 46 bytes.

Suppose that the padding is denoted by P.

Therefore, remaining padding bytes will be:

The second and smallest frame size is S of 46 bytes. Therefore,

Where 10 bytes is the data size and 36 bytes is the added padding.

Hence, data cannot be sent in one frame but it can send in two frames where first frame size is 1500 bytes and seconds frame is 46 bytes.

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