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Process of determining popular Web services using the access to DNS server:

The access to the local DNS (Domain Naming Server) server’s cache is given. This is the server for all the systems in the particular department.

• The access to the local DNS server’s cache is there. Using this facility, take the snapshot of the DNS server’s cache.

• In the current scenario, the more users are interested in a web server.

• The user sends more requests to the servers frequently.

• If the DNS cache is checked continuously, the web servers accessed will be determined and that is the most popular one.

In this scenario, the following procedure will identify the Web services which are accessed frequently and have more popularity among department’s users:

• Take the snapshot at certain intervals of time. It will be good to take as frequent as possible.

• List out the Web servers that are recorded by the cache of the DNS server using the snapshots.

• Use frequency distribution table or similar tool to find the frequency of the Web servers.

• The number of DNS requests for a Web server indicates the interest of the users on that particular Web server.

• So, the Web servers with higher frequency are the most popular Web servers among the users of the department.

Therefore, if the cache of the DNS server is accessible, then the most popular Web server can be identified by counting the number of requests for a Web server among the snapshots of DNS cache taken periodically.

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