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Consider a DASH system for which there are N video versions (at N different rates and qualities) and N audio versions (at N different rates and qualities). Suppose we want to allow the player to choose at any time any of the N video versions and any of the N audio versions. a. If we create files so that the audio is mixed in with the video, so server sends only one media stream at given time, how many files will the server need to store (each a different URL)? b. If the server instead sends the audio and video streams separately and has the client synchronize the streams, how many files will the server need to store?

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DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) is a technique used to deliver the high-quality audio/video content over the internet through HTTP servers.

• In DASH systems, there are different versions of video/audio content having a different bit rate and different quality level. Users can select any of the versions of the video/audio content with HTTP GET request.

• Client can select the version based on their bandwidth. The low bandwidth clients will select the lowest rate version and the high bandwidth clients can select the high rate versions.

• The HTTP server maintains a manifest file which can provide a separate URL to each version of the audio/video content. Here both the audio and video are mixed and the users can access the content by referring the manifest file.

• Clients can first access the manifest file and learn about various versions and then access the audio/video content from the server by clicking the specified URL.

• They can select the version based on their bandwidth and can access any of the versions based on their requirements.

The video has N versions, audio has N versions. As the created files are mixed with audio and video, the total number of files need to be stored by the server is 


The server sends the video and audio files separately. Therefore, the server required to store the files.

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