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Contemporary browsers support to open multiple parallel connections to a web site. Most browsers can open 5 to 10 parallel TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connections simultaneously. Browsers can be configured to open more multiple simultaneous connections by setting Max–connections–per–server field.


• Large number of simultaneous TCP connections helps client to download different data simultaneously form the same server.

• Particularly, for file transfer protocol (FTP) systems, multiple connections improve reliability and speed.

• Parallel connections reduce the response time of an application running at server.

• In peer to peer networks, multiple connections allow peers to process requests from other peers, more effectively.

• While downloading a file with multiple connections, there is a less chance of failure of downloading a whole file.


• Large number of multiple connections to a web site, can severely impact the performance of a web server. Thus, the performance of a server will begin to decrease more quickly.

• Large number of multiple connections causes more network traffic, which may leads to congestion.

• When large number of simultaneous connections is opened, each connection shares the available bandwidth.

• Further increase of number of parallel connections leads to the bottleneck problem.

• Each parallel TCP connection requires separate memory space (TCP control block to maintain connection state).

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