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Having a background in computer science or another tech-related field creates a very strong and great foundation for a developer and most often leads to the product of an effective developer. Now while this is very true and encouraged, this may not always be the case.

There are numerous developers who do not have a certified background in computer science or related course, meaning they did not get their Bsc or first degrees in such courses. In fact, a study claims that over 60% of developers are self-taught and don't have a background in computer science and related field, and these developers are still very good.

A popular saying though is there are two sides to the coin, now while it is good, there are also some drawbacks to not being certified or having a background in such fields, such drawbacks may include a lack of fundamental or prerequisite knowledge that may prove very useful in the development of software.

Another drawback and this one may be personal to the developer is that certain organizations may refuse to enlist the services or employ an individual who does not have a certificate in software engineering.

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