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A state is a situation in which an agent can find itself. State is distinguished as world state and representational states.

State Space:

This is a graph whose nodes are the set of all states, and whose links are actions that transform one state into another.

Search Tree:

This is a tree in which a robot node is the start state, and the set of children for each node consists of the states reachable by taking any actions.

Search node:

This is also a node in the search tree.


This is a state that the agent is trying to reach.


This is what the agent can choose to do in the state.

Successor Function:

This describes the agent’s options given a state. It returns a set of (action, state) pairs where each state is the state reachable by taking the action.

Branching factor:

This is the number of actions available to the agent in a search tree.

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