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• A data plane is used in a network, it is also known as forwarding plane. The main responsibility of a data plane is to carry forward the packets or data between different clients of the network.

• A control plane used in the network is responsible for establishing connection information. That is a control plane connects different clients by exchanging their routing and forwarding information.

• A control plane makes decisions about how a packet can be carry forwarded in the network. It uses different protocols and makes the routers and switches to exchange their routing information with the next router or switch. This information could be the routing tables containing which is the shortest path to reach the next router.

• The control plane also configures and manages the network components.

• The data plane uses the instructions and commands passed by the control plane to forward the data packets. Data plane uses the forwarding table of control plane and transfers data from one client to another client.

Thus decisions made by control plane are used by data plane to manage the network traffic and to transfer the data.

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