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We said that a network layer's service model "defines the characteristics of end-to-end transport of packets between sending and receiving hosts." What is the service model of the Internet's network layer? What guarantees are made by the Internet's service model regarding the host-to-host delivery of datagrams?

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The service model of the Internet’s network layer is the Best effort service. This service model defines that end to end delivery of packets between source and destination hosts in a network.

The service model includes the guarantees of the network layer are as follows:

• Guaranteed Delivery:

This service does not provide guarantee to the host-to-host delivery of the datagrams.

• Guaranteed delivery with bounded delay:

This service does not provide guarantee to transfer a datagram within a specified host to host delay bound of the datagrams.

• In order packet delivery:

This service does not provide guarantee of the eventual and ordered delivery of the datagrams at the received side. The datagrams can delivery in any order in the host-to-host model.

• Guaranteed minimal bandwidth:

This service does not provide the minimum bandwidth guarantee. Because the transmission time between the datagrams is not maintained.

• Security:

This service does not provide security for the data. Because it may loss some datagrams before it reaches from source to destination.

Hence, the best effort service model in a network layer does not provide guarantee to any of the above services.

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