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For an electric device generating a lot of heat, the key thing here is to identify what components are responsible for the heat. Sometimes, a faulty component may be responsible for the heat. Once the cause of heat is identified, you can then decide on how to reduce heat; both internally and externally. 

There are a few practical steps to take when your devices are generating an undesired amount of heat:

Allow for Airflow: Electronic devices can get hot when there is not sufficient air passing through them. So what happens is that the hot air generated from the electronic components have no means of getting out of the device. Make sure there is enough space between the electronic vent so that airflow is not obstructed.

Keep Electronic away from external heat sources: It is not a good idea to keep electronics under direct heat sources like sunlight. Doing this can increase the heat generated by the electronic components and consequently damage the device. It is advised to store and operate heat-prone electronic under a cool temperature.

Keep Electronics Clean: Dirt in form of dusts, hair and other materials can affect the performance of the internal cooling system of any electronic device. It is advised to keep the electronics clean and free from particles that could potentially cause harm to it. When the electronic device is not in use, it is advisable to cover them with protective materials to preserve them from dirt.

Shut down the electronic device when necessary: For electronics that generate so much heat, it is best to shut them down at intervals especially when the heats becomes too much. Monitor the temperature and switch off completely when the device gets hot. This is necessary to avoid any damage to the internal components.

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