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Mobile IP:


Mobile IP is a standard protocol, that allows users with mobile devices to keep the same IP address, stay connected and maintain ongoing applications while transferring from one network to another network.

In another words, Mobile IP refers to the forwarding of internet traffic with a fixed IP address even outside of the home network.

Importance of mobile IP:


Mobile IP is scalable for the internet, and it is mostly used in WAN networks.

It allows users having mobile devices to use the internet remotely.

It is intended to solve node mobility issues over IP layer.

Components of Mobile IP:


The main components of mobile IP are:

1. Mobile Node: The mobile node is a device such as cell phone, personal digital assistance and laptop, etc. that are having the roaming facility.

2. Home Agent: Home agent a router on a mobile node's home network that tunnels datagrams for delivery to the mobile node when it is away from home network, and maintains the current location information from the mobile node.

3. Foreign Agent: Foreign agent is a router that delivers packets from the home agent to the mobile node while roaming in another network. And it advertises care-of addresses, which are used by mobile IP. And it is available in another network and stores information about mobile nodes visiting its network.

Here's why cellular IP cannot be used in place of mobile IP.

While both cellular IP and mobile IP are open standards established by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the underlying difference is in their zone of operation. Cellular IP works like the Local Area Network (LAN) whereas Mobile IP can be compared to the Wide Area Network (WAN).

Cellular IP is a micro-mobility protocol and cannot be used in place of the mobile IP whose function is to define a way to identify a point on the Internet that physically moves away from its addressed location.

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