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Private network address:

• A private network has its own private addresses assigned by the internet service providers, these addresses can be assigned to a particular organization or a LAN or an individual. A range of addresses are assigned to a private network and all the devices in the network do not directly connect to the internet, they are connected to a router or a network address translator (NAT).

• A message cannot be directly published over the internet because a router separates the private network address space from the Internet address space. Many devices within the PAN may have same IP address. This avoids the network traffic over the internet and helps the organization or private LAN to transfer data with a good speed with in the private network.

• A message or a datagram from a private address network cannot be directly sent through the public internet, firstly the message from a device in PAN is sent to the NAT through which the message is forwarded to recipient over the internet. But a message from a sender outside the network can be received by the devices in the network.

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