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• A Subnet is defined as a sub portion of larger networks, which does not contain a router.

• A Subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network done by a process called Subnetting.

• The boundaries of the subnet are defined by the router and the interfaces of the host.


• A Prefix is the portion of the network CIDR address (Classless Inter Domain Routing).

• CIDR generalizes the notion of subnet addressing.

• The general notation for CIDR classes to represent the IP address is a.b.c.d/x.

• The x most significant bits of the address a.b.c.d/x consist of network portion of IP address and are referred to as Prefix.

• One or more subnets are covered under the Prefix value.

BGP route:

• The BGP messages along with the TCP connection sent over a link is called as BGP session.

• When the router advertises a prefix across a BGP session, the router includes the prefix along with number of BGP attributes.

• Thus, the prefix along with the attributes is called as a Route in BGP.

Difference between Subnet, Prefix, BGP route:

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