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Managing server:

• Managing server is an application in the network operations system.

• Managing server is mainly focused for the network management purpose.

• Managing server controls the collection.

• The information in the network management can be processed, analysis and displayed by the managing server.

Managed device:

• Managed device is a equipment which includes its software and which is included on a managed network.

• Managed devices can be router, host, modem, switch, thermometer or other network-connected device.

Network management agent:

• A process running in the managed device which communicates with the managing server is called as network management agent.

• Under the supervision of managing server, network management agent takes local decisions.

Management Information Base (MIB):

• The information about each managed object which is within the managed device is collected.

• MIB object can be a counter (like number of IP datagrams which is discarded at the router) or the number of UDP segments which are received at the host.

• Formal definition language is used to make ensure that the syntaxes and semantics in the network managed data are well defined and unambiguous.

• SMI (Structure of Management Information) is a data description language in which the MIB objects are specified.

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