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Analogy of a cocktail party:

The analogy of a cocktail party is used for broadcasting a channel. The problem in the analogy of cocktail party is to determine who first gets to transfer the data and when to transfer the data.

Polling using the analogy of cocktail party:

• The Polling protocol is one of the Taking-Turns protocol.

• The problem of the analogy of cocktail party is solved in the polling protocol by using a node as a master node.

• Using a round-robin fashion, the master node polls each of the other nodes in the network.

• The master node polls a node by sending a message indicating how many numbers of frames that the node can transmit.

• The master node sends a message to all other nodes in a round-robin fashion.

• This protocol eliminates collisions and empty slots.

• It has a polling delay problem. If master node fails, then the entire channel becomes inoperative.

Token passing protocol:

• The Token passing protocol is one of the Taking-Turns protocol.

• The problem of the analogy of cocktail party is solved in the Token passing protocol by using a frame as a token.

• In this protocol, the token is exchanged among all the nodes in a particular order.

• The nodes in the network exchange the token while transferring the data.

• A node holds the token until it sends up to a maximum number of frames. After the sending the frames, the node forwards the token to next node in the order.

• If the node does not have frames to transmit, then immediately it forwards the token to the next node.

• This protocol is decentralized and efficient.

• The drawbacks of this protocol are if one node fails the entire channel will crash and if one node doesn’t release the token then, a problem will arise.

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