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The frame structures of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T and Gigabit Ethernet are identical.

• All these three Ethernet technologies use the standard Ethernet frame structure.

• These three Ethernet technologies differ in their transmission speed.

Ethernet frame structure has following fields:

1. Data filed (46 to 1,500 bytes): This field carries the IP datagram.

2. Destination address (6 bytes): This field contains the MAC of the destination adapter.

3. Sources address (6 bytes): This field contains the MAC address of the adapter that transmits the frame onto the LAN.

4. Type field (2 bytes): This field permits Ethernet to multiplex network – layer protocols.

5. Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC) (4 bytes): Errors in the frame can be detected by receiving adapter using the CRC field.

6. Preamble (8 bytes): This is the first field in the Ethernet frame.

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