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It is possible to use the same care-of-address for the two mobile nodes as they are in the same foreign network and have the same foreign agent.

• Care-of-address refers to the IP address of a foreign agent.

• When a mobile node visits a foreign network, a care of address (COA) is assigned to that mobile node and it is also registered at Home agent so that the home agent can redirect the mobile node data to foreign agent by encapsulating original packet.

• The foreign agent de-capsulate the packet and sends the original packet to a particular mobile node.

• If two mobile nodes visits the same foreign network and have same foreign agent, the same COA is assigned to two mobile nodes.

• Respective home agents send theirs mobile node’s data to same COA, by encapsulating original packet, to foreign agent.

• Then foreign agent encapsulates the packets and sends the data to particular mobile node.

Example scenario: Two mobile nodes from same home network visit same foreign network (The two mobile no need to be from same home network).

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