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Nowadays, 4G (fourth generation) mobile systems are widely used all over the world. There are different components in 4G technology such as:

• eNodeB


• P-GW

• S-GW

Role of eNodeB:

• The key role of eNodeB in 4G technology is to send the datagram’s between User Equipment (EU) and the Packet Data Network Gateway (P-GW) through the all-IP enhanced packet core.

• The UE datagram’s are encapsulated at the eNodeB and can be tunneled to the P-GW gateway. This tunneling may have Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees.

Role of MME:

• Mobility Management Entity (MME) is used to perform connection and mobility management on behalf of the User Equipments (UEs) resident on the cell.

• It also receives the UEs subscription information from Home Subscriber Servers (HSS).

Role of P-GW:

• The IP addresses for the UEs are allocated by the Packet Data Network Gateway (P-GW).

• It also performs the Quality of Service (QoS) enforcement.

• It also performs datagram encapsulation and decapsulation when the datagram’s are forwarding to or from the UEs.

Role of S-GW:

• Serving Gateway (S-GW) is said to be data-plane mobility anchor point because all the traffic of UEs are passed through S-GW.

• It can also perform billing function and lawful traffic interception.

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