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Consider the following quicksort sorting algorithm:


if p < r

then q ← PARTITION(A, p, r)

QUICKSORT(A, p, q − 1) 
QUICKSORT(A, q + 1, r)

where the PARTITION procedure is as follows:

x ← A[r] 
i ← p − 1 
for j ← p to r − 1

do if A[j] ≤ x

then i ← i + 1

exchange A[i] ↔ A[j]

exchange A[i + 1] ↔ A[r]
return i + 1

  • Draw the flowchart of the above algorithm.
  • Draw the corresponding graph and label the nodes as n1, n2, … and edges as e1, e2, …
  • Calculate the cyclomatic complexity of the above algorithm

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