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How 5G core network architecture is designed around resilience concepts?

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The English dictionary explains resilience as the ability for an object to recover quickly through tough times or from difficulties; simply put toughness. So how exactly does the 5G network prove to be tough? A resilient 5G network has certain factors that mark it as resilient, and these are: 

A resilient network is always; 

  1. Available 
  2. Reliable
  3. Robust 
  4. Secured 
  5. Offers privacy 
The 5G core network, which enables the advanced functionality of 5G networks, is one of three primary components of the 5G System, also known as 5GS. The other two components are 5G Access network (5G-AN) and User Equipment (UE). 
The 5G core uses a cloud-aligned service-based architecture (SBA) to support authentication, security, session management and aggregation of traffic from connected devices, all of which requires the complex interconnection of network functions. 

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