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There are quite a number of software-induced problems that can lead to network defects.

1. Software configuration problems at the client or server level: Problems with the client and server software can cause a network architecture to fail. This is because every network infrastructure is largely controlled by software.

2. Authentication problems due to wrong user credentials: In any typical network architecture, there is need for resource access and sharing. For this to take place, a user needs to be authenticated for security of the network. When the wrong user credentials are supplied, this can prevent the user from accessing or sharing resources on the network.

3. Problems with communication protocol: Sometimes a network based on the TCP/IP protocol can encounter software-induced errors that can slow down the delivery of packets. The packets sent through the network can fail as a result of this. There is also the is problem of packet collision when two or more stations attempt to transmit a packet across the network at the same time.

4. Weak Network Security: When a network is not properly secured, malicious users and hackers can launch attacks on the network. These attacks can range from stealing vital user information, to temporarily bringing down the network through DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

5. Outdated Software: Running a network infrastructure on outdated software can significantly reduce the overall performance of the system. Keeping the software up to date can greatly improve speed and efficiency of the network through improved resource handling and security. An outdated software can be a back-door for hackers to gain access to a network and cause harm to it.

What other common software-induced problems have you encountered on a network? Leave a comment below if you found this solution helpful. Happy learning!

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