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The four main structural elements of a computer are as follows:

1. Processor

2. Main memory

3. I/O Modules

4. System Bus


• The processor is the important element of the computer. It controls all the operations that are performed by the computer.

• The processor is also referred as the central processing unit (CPU).

• The CPU performs various calculations and it also does the data processing.
Main Memory:

• The main memory is referred as the primary memory. It is volatile in nature.

• The main memory stores the data and programs temporarily. It is a temporary memory.

• The main memory is also referred as Random access memory (RAM).
I/O Modules:

• The I/O modules moves the data between the computer and other peripheral devices of the system.
System Bus:

• The bus that connects the CPU to main memory on the mother board, I/O modules and other components within the system.
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