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The operating system as you know serves to act as an intermediary between the user of a computer system and the computer hardware. On top on the operating system lies all the programs needed for your programs to make use of the computer hardware.

The main objectives of an operating system are as follows:

  • Convenience: This appears to be the most obvious objective of an operating system. Without an operating system, users would have to deal with the hardware directly with not access to pre-configured utility packages that come with an operating system. This would make the use of a computer very inconveniencing. Operating systems allow users to get started with the tasks they want to accomplish in no time without having to deal with the stress of configuring the system first.
  • Efficiency: The operating systems improves efficiency of output. This is because less time is spent in configuring the system. System activities like granting of resources to processes, as well as conflict resolution among different programs and users are all handled by the operating system by default. This saves the user time thereby making for a more efficient outcome.
  • Abstraction of hardware details: The operating system does a good job in hiding the complex details about the computer system. The user is able to make full use of the computer hardware without having to deal with the complexities associated with it. The operating system takes care of the communication between the user programs and the computer hardware.
  • Management of system resources: The operating system acts as a referee. It plays management roles in the computer system because it ensures fair sharing of resources among different processes and users.

And many more..

The four points above blend closely and certainly more points can be derived from them depending on the context of the study. The key thing to note here is that the role of the operating system is to serve as a bridge between computer hardware and software.

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