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attack vs threat

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The following are some of the important differences between Threat and Attack.

1 Intentional: Threats can be intentional like human negligence/failure or unintentional like natural disaster. The attack is a deliberate action. An attacker have a motive and plan the attack accordingly.

2 Malicious: The threat may or may not malicious. The attack is always malicious.

3 Definition: The threat by definition is a condition/circumstance which can cause damage to the system/asset. Attack by definition, is an intended action to cause damage to system/asset.

4 Chance for Damage: Chance to damage or information alteration varies from low to very high. The chance to damage or information alternation is very high.

5 Detection: A threat is difficult to detect. An attack is comparatively easy to detect.

6 Prevention: A threat can be prevented by controlling the vulnerabilities. An attack cannot be prevented by merely controlling the vulnerabilities. Other measures like backup, detect and act etc are required to handle a cyber-attack.

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