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The five components of the DBMS environment are as explained below:

Data: The Database Management System provides a medium to collect, store, process and access data. This data includes the actual data as well as the metadata.

• Hardware: These are the physical electronic devices such as the computer systems, storage devices that serves as an interface between the computer and the real-world system.

• People: The users who manage the various parts of the database management system form a major part of the database management ecosystem. These people include professionals like the database administrators, application programmers as well as the end users of the developed application.

• Procedures: Procedures are rules that guide the design and operation of a database. The procedure helps in the design of a database to match the requirements of a given database management system.

• Software: This is the underlying instruction sets that guide the operation of a database management system. A good software must be capable of understanding the Database Access Language, and then translate that into actual database commands that can be executed on a database.

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