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Extreme programming (XP) is perhaps the best known and most widely used of the agile method. The name was coined by Beck because the approach was developed by pushing recognized good practice

In Extreme programming, requirements are expressed as scenarios which are implemented directly as a series of tasks. This program involves a number of practices through Incremental planning, Small releases, Simple design, Test-first development, Refactoring, Pair programming, Collective ownership, Sustainable pace, on-site customer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Extreme Programming user requirements:


1. Scenarios cope with most of common operation. It is easy to identify what type of operation that is required in the user’s stories.

2. Customer focus in the scenario card increase the chance that the software produced will actually meet the needs of the users


1. Using scenarios on a card can bring to a function overlooked or omission which can be a time-consuming process to complete the system.

2. Two different scenarios can lead to the same function as it will be conflicted each other. Crossing out redundant scenarios can be a cumber some tasks

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