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       1. Introduction This briefly describes the objectives of the project and sets out the constraints (e.g., budget, time, etc.) that affect the management of the project.

  1. Project organisation This describes the way in which the development team is organised, the people involved, and their roles in the team.

  2. Risk analysis This describes possible project risks, the likelihood of these risks arising, and the risk reduction strategies that are proposed. 

  3. Hardware and software resource requirements This specifies the hardware and support software required to carry out the development. If hardware has to be bought, estimates of the prices and the delivery schedule may be included.

  4. Work breakdown This sets out the breakdown of the project into activities and identifies the milestones and deliverables associated with each activity. Milestones are key stages in the project where progress can be assessed; deliver- ables are work products that are delivered to the customer.

  5. Project schedule This shows the dependencies between activities, the estimated time required to reach each milestone, and the allocation of people to activities. 

  6. Monitoring and reporting mechanisms This defines the management reports that should be produced, when these should be produced, and the project monitoring mechanisms to be used. 

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